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Cobain Doc | Monty Python | 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Your #tbt dose of cultural currency.

Montage of Heck Trailer 
What you need to know: Watch this new trailer for the upcoming HBO documentary about Kurt Cobain, set to air May 4th. In the first authorized feature doc on the 90s icon, home video footage of Cobain as a child and later of Courtney Love and Frances Bean are paired with expressive illustrations to hint towards the documentary's haunting nature. 
Tribeca says: We've been waiting for a Cobain doc of this caliber for a long time.

Ethan Hawke's Seymour: An Introduction
What you need to know: Seymour Bernstein was on his way to becoming the next legendary pianist when he abandoned all ambitions in this course to focus on teaching. For what he lacked in renown, Bernstein had double in talent, skill, and dedication. Now 86, he meets with Ethan Hawke to detail a deviation from the traditional success story. 
Tribeca says: An inspiring distinction made between talent and fame.

Oscilloscope's Garage Sale
What you need to know: Movie fans, it's time to pony up if you to own a little piece of indie film history. The good folks at Oscilloscope Laboratories are cleaning out their inventory and have turned to Craigslist to unload prints for 11 indie movies including The Messenger, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and Wuthering Heights. The asking price? A mere dollar.
Tribeca says: In the digital age, this "special" sale does not bode well for the future of film.

Revisiting the Best Monty Python Sketches
What you need to know: The legendary Monty Python cast will reunite during the Tribeca Film Festival this year too celebrate the the international premiere of the doc Monty Python: The Meaning of Live. In anticipation of this momentus occasion in history, we take a look at five of the best Monty Python sketches over the years, including The Lumberjack Song and Hell's Grannies. 
Tribeca says: These jokes are killer.

Bradley Cooper on Set for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer 
What you need to know: Everyone had their doubts about casting when Netflix announced the production of an eight-episode Wet Hot American Summer serial earlier this year. Since fielding Oscar nominations in recent years, Bradley Cooper was always the least likely participant for the project, but Vulture reports his presence on set for a day. 
Tribeca says: Despite promises to the contrary, there's only so much Bradley Cooper footage you can pull from just one day of filming.



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