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Stream 'Citizenfour' and these 8 Troublemaking DocsVideo description

Stream 'Citizenfour' and these 8 Troublemaking Docs

A list of our favorite rabble-rousing activists, street artists, whistleblowers, and more.

If you missed the Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour on HBO earlier this week, you can still catch the movie with an HBOGo subscription. The story surrounding this whistleblower is great documentary material - government conspiracies, large-scale domestic surveillance, a manhunt crossing international borders. Even before the documentary's release, Edward Snowden had generated enough media attention to draw out the ire of the NSA and the executive office. With this film about Snowden, Laura Poitras joins a league of documentarians fascinated with those causing the most trouble, domestically and internationally. Take a look at some of these films, streaming on Netflix or HBOGo:

Banksy Does New York
Watch on HBOGo

During Banksy's self-proclaimed "residency" in NYC, he produced an original piece every day for 31 days, which his fans then diligently captured on camera. The artist maintained an active social media presence from official handles appropriately named @BANKSYNY. This documentary is an aggregate of footage from the photographic traces left from this residency. 

Love Crimes of Kabul
Watch on HBOGo

The female prisoners of Badum Bagh in Afghanistan are mostly imprisoned for "moral crimes" like adultery, premarital sex, or running away from abusive homes. This documentary tells the story of three women jailed for their love crimes and then follows them through their trial. Filming candidly to capture the exact illegality of their crimes, director Tanaz Eshaghian takes a look at the trouble these Afghan women go through to claim ownership of their bodies. 

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
Watch on HBOGo

The three members of Pussy Riot made waves when they were arrested for performing an impromptu rock concert in front of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Get to know each member, the convictions that led them to their demonstration, and the timeline of events leading up to the arrest. Featuring interviews with the members' families edited together with courtroom and newsreel footage, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer is the first documentary about these troublemaking musicians.

Dirty Wars
Watch on Netflix

Based on journalist Jeremy Scahill's book by the same name, Dirty Wars investigates the ongoing covert warfare program by the US. Scahill has previously blown the whistle on Blackwater, the contracting group hired by the CIA to carry out operations in countries with whom the US has sensitive diplomatic relations. The focus of Dirty Wars is the extra-executive drone program with dubious legality, especially when considering the case of the young American citizen killed without a fair trial. 

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Watch on Netflix

Political activist and mixed-media artist Ai Weiwei made headlines when he tweeted a photo of his arrest-in-progress, which Chinese authorities later denied ever happened. Ai's active social media presence and continual interrogation of the PRC's policies quickly led to an extended house arrest and eventual ban on travel. Still, Ai couldn't be stopped. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry tells the story of his work and activist, and is just one of the several projects conducted from his studio in Beijing. 

Let the Fire Burn
Watch on Netflix

Philadelphia in 1985 was a fiery time for the city while it hosted the headquarters of MOVE, an organization founded by black liberation activist John Africa. The organization was involved in several confrontations with the local police until tensions escalated to a point where the MOVE compound burned to the ground. TFF 2013 Best New Director, Best Documentary Editing and Special Jury Mention winner, Let the Fire Burn makes no indictments on either side of the conflict.

This is Not a Film
Watch on Netflix

Almost every work in Jafar Panahi's filmography has encountered unjust censorship in Iran, his country of origin, for their staunch opposition to the governing body. Like so many on this list, Panahi couldn't be stopped. Though officially banned from directing or writing a film, Panahi evaded censors by telling his story from his own home. The film, saved to a drive, was famously smuggled out of the country in a birthday cake so it could play at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

5 Broken Cameras
Watch on Netflix

Co-director Emad Burnat bought his first video camera to record the birth of his youngest son. That first camera and four successive ones were broken over the course of four years while recording local protests against the West Bank fence, which cuts through his hometown in Bil'in. Burnat tenaciously continues filming as each camera is broken and as his friends are arrested, beaten, shot, or killed, eventually bringing his footage to Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi for completion. 


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