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Chloë Sevigny's Ex-Boyfriend Zine is the Only Break-Up Remedy You'll Ever Need

Wherever Chloë Sevigny goes, we will follow.

Forever our Gen-X "It" girl, Sevigny is, once again, gloriously embracing her characteristic nineties heritage in true, Sassy fashion by publishing a bonafide print-and-staple zine documenting the actress-icon's early loves and exploits. No Time for Love is a homemade, twenty-eight page, scrapbook-like confessional featuring cut-out gossip column clippings from Page Six and the like, as well as various Xeroxed pictures of Sevigny and her "anonymous" ex-boyfriends, whose faces have been blocked out with children's stickers. Scroll down to check out some choice pages of the zine, which is currently available to purchase here for the price of fourteen euros because of course it is.

Leave it to Chloë to teach us the most valuable break-up lesson of all: Don't get mad, get colorful stickers and cover Harmony Korine's face with them.



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