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Champagne Kisses | Eat Pray Thug | Audio Porn

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From Afghanistan, with Love
What you need to know: The Night of the Lovers is a radio show on Arman FM, the first and most popular private station in Kabul. The format of the show allows people call in and record their story of love. The show’s host, Sameen Sadat, plays the recordings or reads text messages that have been sent in live on the air so that he too is experiencing the stories for the first time with his listeners. 
Tribeca says: The show is stirring more than hearts. Click through to see how the show is empowering women's voices. 

"Champagne Kisses” 
What you're watching:
A new video from Jesse Ware has a futursitic, surrealst spin and a silken sound. Director Christopher Sweeney manages to merge scenes of a waiting room, sight evaluation, and magic show into 3 minutes. 
Tribeca says: Be warned, this song will get stuck in your head.

Eat Pray Thug 
What you need to know: NYC’s Aicon Gallery is showing a curated exhibition by Deepak Choppa, aka Himanshu “Heems” Suri formerly of Das Rascist. Gallery visitors can listen to Suri’s new solo album while viewing the work of artists from around the world. Performances accompany the show’s run.
Tribeca says: Not to be missed.

10 Most Cinematic Love Stories
What you need to know: Forget Paris. There’s nothing like a New York City love story. While we could have included 100 movies (sorry, You’ve Got Mail, An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, you didn’t make the cut), we decided to focus on films that show off our beloved city and its quintessential characters—warts and all—as the perfect backdrop for love whether romantic or otherwise.
Tribeca Says: Fact: New York City is the greatest place to be in love.

Talk Dirty to Me: Audio Porn 
What you need to know:
Yep, it’s a thing. Playboy offers up a think piece about why audio porn has remained a hidden gem of erotica. Turns out, audio porn is just about everywhere, from the blatantly obvious soundtracks on real porn, to Sarah Koenig’s wildly popular podcast, Serial, to an a Grammy nominated collection of audio erotica belonging to a historian on the subject, all with the appeal to elicit both physical and emotional responses.
Tribeca says: Maybe wait to read this one when you are not at work, but do read it at least for the fun historical facts like the bit about “smutty phonograph cylinders” in American saloons in the 1880s!


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