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Monday Short: 'Certified,' A Tale of Postal Service TerrorVideo description

Monday Short: 'Certified,' A Tale of Postal Service Terror

This next film in our Monday Shorts series, curated by TFF Head of Shorts Programming Sharon Badal, is 'Certified' by Luke Asa Guidici, a creepy horror tale just in time for Halloween.

Here’s some pre-Halloween creepiness. Set in rural 1950’s America, a postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him about her family’s horrible tragedy. Be afraid, be very afraid.

About the Filmmaker, Luke Asa Guidici:

At age 6 I broke my family’s TV. We didn’t get another one. Instead I explored the woods, read encyclopedias, built things with LEGOs, and listened to NPR. Every day I imagined new worlds as I learned to tell my own stories. After graduating Magna Cum Laude BA/ Cinema from SFSU, I moved to Los Angeles where I’ve worked as an extra, grip, PA, camera operator, AD, producer, editor, falconer, writer and director. If I weren’t making films I’d be doing something involving snowboarding, cooking, or politics. out Certified's Facebook page for more.


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