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‘Bridegroom’s’ Shane Bitney Crone on the Dismissal of DOMA and Prop 8

Yesterday marked a huge victory in the battle for marriage equality. Activist-turned-filmmaker Shane Bitney Crone has been there every step of the way.

Winner of the Heineken Audience Award for Documentary at this year’s Festival, Bridegroom is a film about a man, Crone, who finds himself without sympathy or rights when his beloved partner, Tom Bridegroom, dies in an accident.

Shane Bitney Crone’s video about Tom on the anniversary of his death went viral, inspiring a film and building support for the rally against marriage inequality. The moving documentary, which celebrated its world premiere at TFF 2013, seeks to insure that what happened to Shane will not happen to others. 

The film ends with an extended shot of the Supreme Court Building, making Bridegroom all the more timely and poignant. In fact, Shane Bitney Crone flew to Washington D.C to be part of the group of DOMA protestors that gathered on the very steps shown in that shot.

Our faith in humanity and our court system was somewhat restored yesterday morning when the U. S. Supreme Court found the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  The decision essentially legalizes same-sex unions in California and marks a major victory in the fight for marriage equality (though, 38 states still do not recognize same-sex marriage). Though the battle is far from over, there is cause to celebrate for now. Bitney Crone shared his reactions on both Twitter and Facebook:

On Facebook, Bitney Crone channeled the words of the great Harvey Milk in commenting on the ramifications of the Supreme Court decision:

I’d like to end the way I began, with a quote from Harvey Milk: “It’s not my victory, it’s yours and yours and yours. If a gay can win, it means there is hope that the system can work for all minorities if we fight. We’ve given them hope.” I believe this applies to our win today, and I remain hopeful that further progressive change is not far beyond our reach. Let us celebrate today, but continue to fight for a brighter tomorrow. Do not lose sight of the struggles for equality and justice that persist. We will bring light to places still living in a mire of fear, hate, and ignorance, and I hope today’s decision will instill love and understanding in the people of our nation and world.

We continue to be inspired by people like Shane Bitney Crone who work tirelessly for equal rights for everyone in all aspects of life. Love is love! 


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