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Brett Jutkiewicz: 'There's Just Something I Love About Holding a Camera'Video description

Brett Jutkiewicz: 'There's Just Something I Love About Holding a Camera'

"I think a big influence on me were documentaries from the '60s and '70s. I was struck by the way that really it was the camera that was telling the story." In this episode of Cinematographers in Focus, our series that highlights DPs with great stories, Brett Jutkiewicz ("Lily") shares what he's learned about filmmaking.

Cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz, DP of the TFF 2013 film Lilytalks about how documentaries have influenced his filmmaking, his love of teamwork on a set, and how he decided to become a cinematographer ("growing up I'd always loved using my parent's camcorder to make films with my friends").

"I really identify with handheld camera work. There's a connection that happens there when you're moving with the characters and it almost becomes this dance that can be really beautiful and really effective in storytelling." 

The Cinematographers in Focus program celebrates the work of Directors of Photography.This episode of Cinematographers in Focus is sponsored by Sony, and was shot on the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Motion Picture Camera.


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