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Large greetings from tim buckley

7 Breakout Performances to Watch At #TFF2013

Penn Badgley is poised to break through as Jeff Buckley, plus six more performances to watch.

Click on the linked titles for screening locations and to BUY TICKETS. (And though almost all of these films have tickets readily available now, there's no such thing as "Sold Out"!)

Penn Badgley in Greetings From Tim Buckley
The former star of Gossip Girl steps into the shoes of one of the most beloved musicians of our time, the late Jeff Buckley. The reaction from film fans went from trepidation to enthusiasm when the trailer was released, and the word is that Badgley is hugely impressive.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
TUE 4/23 6:00 PM
THU 4/25 8:30 PM

Zoe Bell in Raze
Zoe Bell is a stuntwoman by trade, although if you've seen her in movies like Death Proof or Whip It, you know she can combine her physicality with a performance that can be quite thrilling. Here, she plays a woman who gets thrown into an underground battle royale with fellow abducted women. Get ready for the women-in-prison movie to be turned on its head.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SUN 4/21 9:30 PM
MON 4/22 10:30 PM
FRI 4/26 11:30 PM

Caleb Landry Jones in Byzantium
Acclaimed director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game; Interview with the Vampire) is back among the undead with this new film. Gemma Arterton (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and Saoirse Ronan (Atonement; Hanna) play mother and daughter vampires who are on the run, but be on the lookout for a breakthrough performance by X-Men: First Class's Caleb Landry Jones, who plays an unexpected love interest for Ronan.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
THU 4/25 9:30 PM
FRI 4/26 4:00 PM
SAT 4/27 8:30 PM

Golshifteh Farahani in The Patience Stone
Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani plays a woman tending to her husband -- comatose from an incident during rebel fighting -- and discovering much about herself as she fights to protect her husband, her daughters, and gives voice to previously unuttered thoughts and memories.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
FRI 4/26 8:30 PM
SAT 4/27 6:00 PM

Amy Grantham in Lily
Director Matt Creed and actress Amy Grantham team up for a very personal tale of the clarity that comes with a life-and-death struggle. Grantham's character, Lily, is nearing the end of her breast-cancer treatment, and now she has to deal with what comes next. What follows promises to be delicate and heartfelt.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 8:30 PM
MON 4/22 8:30 PM
WED 4/24 4:00 PM
FRI 4/26 7:00 PM

Lil Bub in Lil Bub & Friendz
Ever wonder about the secret lives of the cats you're always seeing on the internet? Or maybe you just like seeing those cute little things in their element? Join Lil Bub, the "most famous cat on the internet," on a cross-country trip to meet the internet's foremost "cat-lebrities" and take a look behind the memes we've come to know so well.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
THU 4/18 9:30 PM
SAT 4/20 8:00 PM
TUE 4/23 6:00 PM
THU 4/25 3:00 PM

Moms Mabley in I Got Somethin' to Tell You
Legendary comedian Whoopi Goldberg steps behind the camera to tell the story of one of her idols, comedy trailblazer Moms Mabley. This is a true passion project for Goldberg, who translates the boundary-shattering nature of Mabley's comedic legacy and speaks to several comedic stalwarts about her, including Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Kathy Griffin. NOTE: The April 22, 2013 screening is exclusively for American Express® Cardmembers. Learn more here: Tribeca Talks® After the Movie: I Got Somethin' to Tell You.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 6:30 PM SVA Theater 1 Silas
MON 4/22 6:00 PM SVA Theater 1 Silas
TUE 4/23 8:30 PM AMC Loews Village 7 - 3


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