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Vine Bloopers: 8 Viners Who Accidentally Captured Reality

We love Vine as a medium for creativity and imagination, but as it grows, the app has also become a way to capture accidental moments of pure painful reality. Here are our eight favorite Vine Bloopers so far.

When Vine first came out, many of us predicted that it would just be another way for people to overshare mundane moments in their lives. But, as the most popular Viners out there prove, the app has been a viable tool in exposing some of the finest comedians, actors and artists to the general public.

But Vine also contains some of the most bizarre bloopers imaginable, some of them possibly staged while others are painfully real. Here are some of the classics of the Vine blooper genre:

My mom came in at the wrong time, by Jessica Hansen

The loop feature of Vine comes in handy here, because you'll keep wanting to double check that this really just happened.

Hunter fell (in the background), by lovehailey_

We've all probably pulled a Hunter at some point, only, you know, it wasn't documented on Twitter (THANK GOD.)

How to do a cartwheel on oil, by kenz

The laughter/lack of crying sounds makes this okay. But also, ouch!!

OW, by Collin Cooper

Looks like Marcus Johns (whose version inspired this remake) needs to put a "do not try this at home" disclaimer at the start of his Vines.

Well that didn't go as planned, by Garrett Butler Moore

Jumping into bouncy ball pens at Walmart has become a huge (and pretty obnoxious) Vine trend usually mimicked by preteen girls, but this guy's descent tops them all. Let's hope he helped with the clean-up!

lmfao damn, by ladyli0n

All of this seems staged, except the very last second. If it was still staged, bravo.

This girl is on fire fail, by jerzeygirl

This poor girl has created one of the most shocking Vines in existence. 

And this one, by Porscha Coleman, is not a blooper, but needs to be seen by all and worshipped as the most harrowing customer service interaction ever to be documented:


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