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3 Movies You Need To Watch With RiffTrax Right Now

Get to know the comedy stylings of RiffTrax before they take the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival by storm with their one-night-only live commentary for the cult classic, 'The Room.'

It’s true—it is possible to love bad movies, thanks to our friends at RiffTrax. After the cult series Mystery Science Theater 3000 was prematurely (and unjustly) canceled, comedians Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett started RiffTrax to continue to  share hilarious quips and observations about bad cinema with comedy lovers and movie fans everywhere.

On MST3K, the trio was restricted to low-budget B-movies due to budgetary constraints. As RiffTrax, the group is able to comment on any film they want—beloved franchises, supposed classics, summer blockbusters, science fiction favorites, and of course, many very, very bad movies. Because of copyright issues, viewers must use their own methods to obtain the films, but they are able to download commentary tracks right off the RiffTrax website.

The hysterical team tours the country performing RiffTrax Live in accompaniment to films like Sharknado and Birdemic. To prepare yourself for the RiffTrax Live world premiere of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, we suggest you take in these three movies with the hilarious RiffTrax commentary.


While the RiffTrax team has an entire library dedicated to the Marvel Comics oeuvre, we believe that the real gem is their hilarious take on the Avengers (which is actually an amazing movie). While it may seem sacrilegious to rag on Joss Whedon and the film that closed TFF 2012, we must recommend this merciless rip into blockbuster conventions, ostentatious costumes, Hawkeye’s lack of superpowers—sorry, shooting an arrow real straight just doesn’t cut it—and Samuel L. Jackson’s tragic inability to utter a single f-bomb due to the film’s PG-13 rating.

Starship Troopers

"Oh No! RAID!" Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi epic Starship Troopers is filled with action, military propaganda, love triangles, Neil Patrick Harris, alien bugs, and even a co-ed shower scene—what more could you ask of a 100-million dollar blockbuster? A lot, according to the geniuses behind RiffTrax who recorded their commentary live at a Fathom event (made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign). They keep their energy high as they tear into the most ridiculous aspects of the film like the “high school antics” of its 30 year old plus cast, nuclear bug bombs, Denise Richards’ acting (or lack thereof), and the fact that Jake Busey actually makes it to the very end.

Cool As Ice

Some of us would like to forget the fact that Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice starred in his own movie, shot by Steven Spielberg’s favored DP and Oscar winner Janusz Kaminski. However, the RiffTrax team can simply not let us. The trio stops, collaborates and listens as they provide audiences with hilarious insight into one of the most bizarre movies of the 90s. Glory with them as they revel in the flashing neon, hideous haircuts, bad rap music, and a remarkable cameo by Naomi Campbell. 


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