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Best of The Oscars | Clark Terry | Seeing The Wizard of Oz Blind

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Our Favorite Oscar Moments
What you need to know: Karen Kemmerle has sorted through last night’s telecast to highlight the best moments from the three-and-a-half hour telecast, from more John Travolta/“Adele Dazeem” weirdness to Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette’s incredible stumping for women’s rights (and the life-affirming, meme-ready reactions it elicited from random seat partners Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez). Other must see moments include the sobering yet stimulating eloquence of winners like Best Director Alejandro González Iñárritu, Imitation Game scribe Graham Moore, Best Documentary Short co-director Dana Perry, and Best Original Song champs Common and John Legend, who all used their moments at the podium for some much-needed truth-telling on issues from suicide prevention to the mass imprisonment of black men in the US.
What Tribeca says: Stirred by these speeches and the issues they spotlight? Do something about it! Read up on these winners’ causes. Stay informed. We cannot let these messages stop here.

Remembering Clark Terry
What you need to know: The prolific, trailblazing jazz master Clark Terry passed away this Saturday at 94. Terry, who was recently the subject of the award-winning documentary Keep on Keepin’ On (which played at last year’s festival), was an illustrious, true-blue jazz legend, who performed with the greats while simultaneously holding the door open for the next generation of jazz artists.
What Tribeca says: Terry’s lengthy and laudable career is a superb lesson in how to best live one’s life: by doing what you love and doing it the best.

Comcast Takes Us Over the Rainbow
What you need to know: One of the most moving and magical moments of last night’s Oscars ceremony wasn’t even part of the actual telecast. In a gorgeous, sixty-second spot, Comcast brought us into the mind of Emily, a blind, seven-year-old girl who is able to watch The Wizard of Oz through the television provider’s innovative “talking guide,” which allows Emily to envision her own fabulous and fantastical vision of this time-honored tale.
What Tribeca says: Beautiful enough to melt even a Tin Man’s heart.

Retrieving Lost Sounds
What you need to know: PhD student Ryan Maguire has taken on the unusual yet fascinating task of creating a song composed entirely of sounds that went “missing” during the MP3 compression of Suzanne Vega’s 1987 single “Tom’s Diner” in order to show how many unknown sounds we lose by shrinking a song’s file size.
What Tribeca says: Listen to Maguire’s eerily ambient track and wonder if you’ll ever be able to listen to music the same way again.

Life on Mars
What you need to know: After fielding through a quarter of a million applications, Mars One has officially revealed the identities of the 100 space voyagers who will be embarking on a one-way mission to Mars, where they will be living and working on a colonized part of the planet come 2025.
What Tribeca says: What will Hollywood turn this into first? A Christopher Nolan action-adventure spectacle or a very special, interplanetary installment of The Real World?

Cinematic Wanderlust
What you need to know: The staff at AFAR have compiled a far-reaching, filmic travel guide based around the sixteen movies that have inspired each of them to travel, from the autumnal Manhattan of Hannah and Her Sisters and the multicolored Montmartre of Amelie to Wes Anderson’s dollhouse vision of India in The Darjeeling Limited and the vibrant Barcelona and Madrid locales of Pedro Almodovar’s All About My Mother. Having trouble planning your next vacation? Why not rev up the Thunderbird and hightail that thing across the American Southwest for a badass feminist odyssey, Thelma and Louise-style?
What Tribeca says: Time to start looking for your passport.


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