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Watch the Trailer for Chris Lowell’s ‘Beside Still Waters’Video description

Watch the Trailer for Chris Lowell’s ‘Beside Still Waters’

A man gathers his oldest and best friends at his parents’ lake house for one final weekend where they rehash the past, ponder the future and play an epic game of Whiskey Slaps.

Well, congratulations, we’ve got enough alcohol to kill a small horse.

Starring Ryan Eggold, Beck Bennett, Brett Dalton, Erin Darke and Reid Scott, Beside Still Waters explores the relationships between Daniel (Eggold) and a group of his oldest and closest friends as they spend one last long weekend at his parents’ lake house, a place where they’d gathered many times before. Over the course of the weekend, secrets are confessed, romances are rekindled, and a particularly epic game of Whiskey Slaps is played.

Beside Still Waters was praised by Entertainment Tonight as “stunning in its simplicity, but ovation-worthy in its visual audacity.” DP Timothy Naylor blends his 8mm and 16mm film with director Chris Lowell’s own B&W photography to create a striking look. The film opens in select theaters on November 14 and On Demand/ Digital Platforms on November 18. 


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