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Your Three Best Bets at BAMcinemaFest's Closing Weekend

The summer's best indie film series wraps up this weekend with a trio of must-see highlights.

Want to be ahead of the curve? Migrate down to Brooklyn this weekend and set up shop inside the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas. Three films almost guaranteed to pop up on numerous “best of 2015” movie lists come December are set to screen during BAMcinemaFest’s final weekend.

The first is The Russian Woodpecker, a paranoia-drenched documentary about Ukrainian artist Fedor Alexandrovich, who’s obsessed with the enigmatic and unavoidably creepy mystery surrounding the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; Alexandrovich and director Chad Gracia put their lives and sanity on the line to infiltrate the disaster site and investigate an unnerving Soviet radio transmission. And if that’s not unsettling enough, there’s The Invitation, from director Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer’s Body). Taking place over one night, The Invitation follows a grieving man (Logan Marshall-Green) who spends the night with his ex-wife’s new friends, following the death of their young son, and begins suspecting that her crew is more of a Manson-like cult than a Friends-like party.

Those two films provide the nightmare fuel before the mood lightens up considerably on Sunday, when the Sundance breakout Tangerine puts a bow on BAMcinemaFest 2015. Directed by New York filmmaker Sean Baker, it’s a subversive kind of screwball comedy that’s completely shot on an iPhone 5 and races around Hollywood with a pair of transgender prostitutes (played by Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor) on the hunt for cheating boyfriend who also happens to be a gangster-wannabe pimp (James Ransone, matching James Franco’s Spring Breakers character’s hip-hop ridiculousness).

BAMcinemaFest runs through Sunday, June 28. For more info about these three films, check out the gallery above, and to buy tickets, head over to the fest's official site.


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