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Large men go to battle
Award-Winning TFF 2015 DIY Civil War Epic Picked Up by Film MovementVideo description

Award-Winning TFF 2015 DIY Civil War Epic Picked Up by Film Movement

An official 2015 Tribeca Film Festival selection and the winner of the Festival's Best New Narrative Director prize, Zachary Treitz's Men Go to Battle has been acquired for North American release by boutique indie distributor Film Movement.

Treitz's dazzling debut feature (co-written with House of Cards and Listen Up Philip actress Kate Lyn Sheil) is an inventive, DIY blend of nineteenth-century epic and intimate, atmospheric drama, centered around a Kentucky family's strained efforts to survive during the onslaught of the Civil War. Like Sean Baker's critically-acclaimed and recently-released Tangerine, a narratively, thematically, and stylistically diametrical project that nonetheless sports a similarly nickel-budgeted, go-for-broke sensibility, Men Go to Battle is restoring independent filmmaking to its original and oft-forgotten intent of using uniquely limited filmmaking means to tell challenging, unusual stories far afield from the money-minded self-absorption of the star and studio system.

Men Go to Battle may not be conspicuous enough to inspire an entire resurgence of daringly grand yet reasonably small-scaled indie cinema, but in its own quietly radical way, it's already winning the war.