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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Coming to TFF2015!Video description

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Coming to TFF2015!

The Terminator himself is coming to Tribeca with his first dramatic role in years!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be appearing at Tribeca in the hard-bodied, non-robotic flesh for the World Premiere of Maggie, a zombiepocalypse thriller from debut director Henry Hobson that offers the onetime Governator of California and eternal Terminator of our cinematic hearts the opportunity to dig into the type of meaty, dramatic part that we've seldom seen Schwarzenegger attempt -- and in the indie filmmaking landscape, at that! Here, Schwarzenegger plays a devoted and desperate small town father trying to save his beloved daughter (Academy Award®–nominee Abigail Breslin) during a zombie outbreak. Oh, and did we mention the daughter's infected?

Whether your favorite movie is Terminator, Predator, or Jingle All the Way, you'll want to check out this film and you'll want to see the man himself when Maggie premieres at TFF2015, this Wednesday at 6 PM.

Watch the trailer above, check out additional showtimes, and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!


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