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Armory Show | Remembering Albert Maysles | TENURED

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Remembering Albert Maysles
What you need to know: We pay tribute today to the distinguished filmmaking canon of the late documentary icon Albert Maysles, who died this past Thursday at the age of 88 and directed momentous non-fiction films such as Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, and Salesman. Along with his late brother and co-director David, Albert Maysles offered extended glimpses at fascinating subects as disparate as door-the-door bible salesmen, "Little Edie" Beale, and the Rolling Stones, imbuing their real-life stories with the same incomparable levels of artfulness, immediacy, and importance that would come to indelibly influence a genre, a generation, and an art form.
Tribeca says: Whether you're a familiar viewer or an unacquainted one, take time to watch one of Maysles' many masterpieces. (New Yorkers can catch Grey Gardens playing a limited run at Film Forum through Thursday.) Maysles' final film, In Transit, will premiere at this year's Festival in the World Documentary section, and we can't think of a more fitting tribute to this true-blue New Yorker and remarkable, risk-taking cinematic giant.

Tribeca Short Gets Full-Length Treatment
What you need to know: After a strong reception at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, director Chris Modoono's short comedy Teacher of the Year has now been turned into a feature-length film entitled Tenured, which stars Modoono's co-writer Gil Zabarsky as a woefully bad teacher saddled with overseeing the school play. The film co-stars returning actress Kathleen Littlefield and The Office's Kate Flannery and is set to make its world premiere at this year's Festival in the Viewpoints section.
Tribeca says: Check out the above trailer and get excited for one of the funniest, most gleefully foul-mouthed entertainments at this year's Festival!

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New York's Favorite Art Fair Returns
What you need to know: The Armory Show, the largest annual art fair in the country and a New York cultural institution now in its second decade, has set up camp at Piers 92 and 94 for this weekend only. This perpetually prodigious show is comprised of multiple collections from dozens of galleries, all featuring dazzling, involving work from both established masters and emerging up-and-comers. Whether you're an art aficionado, a collector, or even a neophyte or non-convert, there's something here to catch everyone's eye. And even if there isn't, it sure beats waiting in line for that Björk retrospective at the MOMA.
Tribeca says: The Armory finishes its run this Sunday so don't wait! Buy your ticket now!

Harrison Ford Survives Crash-Landing
What you need to know: Harrison Ford's son confirms that the actor is recovering today after being forced to crash-land the single-engine, two-seater training plane he was piloting onto a Los Angeles golf course Thursday afternoon when the engine malfunctioned.
Tribeca says: If there's anyone we expected to survive a plane crash, it's certainly Hans Solo/Indiana Jones/the star of Air Force One. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

The Mash-Up Grows Up
What you need to know: After falling out of popular favor in recent years in the wake of Girl Talk overload, the mash-up is slowly starting to re-surface in a new "feed-based," collage-like style that draws upon diverse sounds and images to assemble tracks that are as chaotic and deliberately contrasting as the everyday lives of most mash-up listeners.
Tribeca says: Take a listen to the above mash-up by the Berlin-based DJ Kablam and see if this new re-direction is to your taste. If not, don't worry. We still love Girl Talk too.

Errol Morris Gets His Head in the Game
What you need to know: As part of its weekly celebration to Errol Morris, Grantland commissioned the legendary documentarian to create a six-film shorts series for ESPN entitled "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports." The films take on a variety of subjects, from in-depth profiles on Mr. Met and the 2014 Triple Crown also-ran California Chrome to a fascinating look at the high-priced dentures and big-ticket toilet seats that comprise the bizarre world of sports memorabilia.
Tribeca says: Sounds like the perfect project to unite both sports junkies and cinephiles alike.

Nobody Puts Llewyn Davis in a Corner
What you need to know: In this just-released clip from the upcoming sci-fi drama Ex Machina, a bald, bearded, and open-shirted Oscar Isaac (soon to be seen at Tribeca in the Southwestern mind-bender Mojave) tears up the dance floor in a choreographed disco routine with a dead-eyed cyborg partner.
Tribeca says: Yep. Still watching it.


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