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Anthony Mason | Ellis Island | Tonya Harding

Your #tbt edition of cultural currency.



Diamond D, "Best Kept Secret"
What you need to know: The music video for "Best Kept Secret," from the classic hip-hop album Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop (1992), prominently features Anthony Mason of the New York Knicks, who passed away this past week. He was representative of an era in New York culture when the Knicks were seen as bad boys, finally started playing well and winning, when Hip-Hop was in its golden era. Mason, with his fresh haircuts, was at the center of it all.
Tribeca says: Rest in peace, Anthony Mason.

Wu-Tang Clan Secret Album
What you need to know: The one single copy of The Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is fetching a cool $5 million on the market, with the intention to tour it as a museum piece at $30-$50 a listen. Members RZA and Method Man are at odds on this debate, with RZA making a case for the album as an authentic and rare work of art and Method Man angrily calling for it to be released to the public. 
Tribeca says: Gotta side with Method Man on this one. 


Harding-Kerrigan Scandal Museum
What you need to know: Who can forget when Tonya Harding reportedly had someone attack rival figure-skater Nancy Kerrigan, bruising her knee to the point where Kerrigan could not compete in the US Championships. Certainly not these roommates in Brooklyn, who house their Kickstarter-funded museum devoted to the scandal in their apartment's hallway. 
Tribeca says: Forget the Armory, this is the best exhibit in town.


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JR Takes Over Ellis Island
What you need to know: Photographer and artist JR's latest work involves pasting lifesize photographs along the walls of derelict buildings on Ellis Island as part of the Save Ellis Island initiative. This weekend JR assembled an incredible team at the abandoned Ellis Island Hospital to shoot a narrative short film Ghosts of Ellis Island, Directed by JR written by Eric Roth, DP Andre Chemetoff, and starring Robert De Niro. The short film explores immigration issues past and present and will premiere sometime this Spring.
Tribeca says: Check out our Instagram feed from last weekend, when we had the chance to join JR on the set of this project.


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