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Afrostream | Women's Aid | Barack and Me

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Afrostream VOD
What you need to know: Afrostream announces a new partnership with MYTFIVOD to bring Afro-cinema to Africa and the African diaspora in Europe. The service offers promising titles slated for streaming like Ray, Top Five, 12 Years a Slave, and Dreamgirls, in French or subtitled. This new partnership seeks to integrate a demand for regular programming of hallmark Black cinema with the rise of digital distribution methods. 
Tribeca says: Since Afrostream is currently only released in Europe, here's hoping for an American counterpart soon. 

Black Lives Matter at the Armory Show
What you need to know: Black Lives Matter protestors staged a die-in at the high-profile art expo this weekend, earning an eviction from the event as well as the attention they sought. Gothamist reports with cell-phone footage and first-hand accounts, which describe protestors invoking Tamir Rice and Mike Brown at an expo devoid of "politically and socially conscious art." 
Tribeca says: You can check out photos from our own experience at the Armory show on our Instagram. 

Barack and Me
What you need to know: Grantland writer Rembert Browne joined a group of journalists who had the chance to accompany President Barack Obama on his Air Force One flight to Selma this past weekend. Browne's description of the sharp, observant intelligence with which the President answered each question (which inevitably took on the theme of contemporary race relations) humanizes the powerful man, who, at the end of the day, is just another employed public servant.
Tribeca says: This is the Obama we voted for. 

"Look at Me" Domestic Abuse Ad
What you need to know: In a recent ad campaign from the UK charity Women's Aid, a billboard displaying the face of a battered woman employs facial-recognition software to discern how long a passer-by stares at the image. Once the ad "knows" you're looking, it adjusts to show the woman "healing" from her bruises. 
Tribeca says: A haunting but necessary ad campaign.

Lauren Bacall's Dakota Apartment
What you need to know: Lauren Bacall bought her apartment at the Dakota for a fraction of what it's fetching on the market after her death last year. Although the photographs from the listing are not emblematic of the Hollywood legend's idosyncratic decor, found the auction for her impressive arts collection which features photographs from the apartment's interior. 
Tribeca says: We had Bacall's help for the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in 2002. You can read our reflection on the occasion here. 



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