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The 5 Best Vines From Adam Wingard's Boredom-Fueled Weekend

V/H/S 2 filmmaker Adam Wingard had a productive day on Vine yesterday. Here are the best moments.

This week, Vine taught us that boredom is a universal phenomenon, and that even filmmakers like Adam Wingard (V/H/S, V/H/S 2, A Horrible Way To Die) aren’t immune to it. This past Sunday, while waiting in various hotel rooms for meetings, Wingard decided his best companion was his Vine app and took to making about 20 posts. Here are some gems:

“Evil god in hotel lobby” – 1pm

Anyone who’s ever been a bored-out-of-their-mind kid can recall creating characters and stories from inanimate objects. Wingard just takes it to the next level and adds hilarious, frenzied camera movement and some artistic carpet shots.

“Hotel room 2” – 5pm

Viewing tip: play with this song in the background.

“Ohhhh my god this is tooamusing” – 7pm

This seemed to be Wingard’s personal favorite, as he even did a meta version

“Hahahaha hotel tv experience” – 7pm

Well, this is definitely one way to make hotel room television intriguing.

“Agent call” – 7pm

When all else fails, slightly frightening parodies of people you work for can fix any case of ennui.

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