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The Best of Acting DisruptiveVideo description

The Best of Acting Disruptive

It's been a great first season for 'Acting Disruptive.' Here's our end-of-the-year highlight reel to prove it.

In case you haven't been keeping up with our AOL ON/Tribeca Digital Studios streaming series, Acting Disruptive, we have had quite a first season.

Acting Disruptive follows our host, Max Lugavere, who gives us an inside look at what actors and filmmakers are doing off-screen in their business endeavors and creative projects.  

In just our first season, we talked to the likes of Jessica Alba at The Honest Company, Jared Leto at VyRT, Felicity Huffman at WhatTheFlicka, Rainn Wilson at Soul Pancake, Adrian Grenier at, Adam Goldberg on his creative Vine videos, Seth Green and Shodogg, Russell Simmons and Narrative, Moby’s platform mobygratis, Olivia Wilde with RYOT, and most recently, Lily Cole of Impossible. No wonder we made Entertainment Weekly's Best Streaming Shows list!

Thanks for watching and enjoy our best moments above! 


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