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Watch the 'About Alex' Trailer Starring Aubrey Plaza and Max GreenfieldVideo description

Watch the 'About Alex' Trailer Starring Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield

Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield take the lead in 'About Alex'

Let me tell you something about Bruce Springsteen, okay? Never trust anyone who's that passionate about the state of New Jersey. 



Jesse Zwick's debut film that premiered at TFF 2014 stretches across the sitcom landscape and brings together Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) and Max Greenfield (New Girl) in About Alex. 

Sarah (Plaza) and Josh (Greenfield) are college sweethearts who reunite with their alma mater buddies for a weekend away. As the group bands together to cheer up their emotionally unstable friend, Alex (Jason Ritter), they soon begin to realize just how much they have grown apart since college. Also starring Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Maggie Grace (LOST), Max Minghella and Nate Parker, the film is a thoughtful and honest look at the changing nature of adult friendships.

About Alex will open in theaters on August 8th 



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