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'A Brony Tale' in Theaters July 8 Only

TFF 2014 alum 'A Brony Tale' is playing for one night only on July 8th in theaters across North America.

This July just got 20% cooler! Executive produced by Morgan Spurlock, the TFF 2014 favorite A Brony Tale will play for one night only in theaters across North America.

Director Brent Hodge takes audiences deep into the fandom surrounding My Little Pony by immersing himself in its legions of fans, many of whom happen to be male. The documentary follows the Brony community as they organize and attend meetups, shows, and conferences—all centered around their love for a show about friendship and magic.

At the heart of it all is voice actress Ashleigh Bell (who voices Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash) as she tries to make sense of the Brony phenomenon as her first convention draws nearer. 

Check out this interview with director Brent Hodge in which he emphasizes the film's focus on the Bronies' intense online presence and admirable community-building skills.

Find out where A Brony Tale is playing near you this July 8!


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