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'A Bronx Tale' is Back | Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor | Amy Poehler's Lost TV Pilot

Your #tbt edition of cultural currency.

A Bronx Tale is Back
What you need to know: Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Robert DeNiro's 1993 directing debut A Bronx Tale, in which he also starred, has been adapted for the stage before. This time, the story is being adapted as a musical and will play for 5 shows at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey. 
Tribeca says: Can't wait to see what musical numbers they come up with.

Watch Marlon Wayans' Audition for Richard Pryor Biopic
What you need to know: This Richard Pryor biopic has been in the works for a while, with the promising Oprah/Lee Daniels producer-director team at the helm. Though Wayans has acted in dramas before (Requiem for a Dream,) his departure from comedy is strange and exciting.
Tribeca says: We're sold, the facial hair clinches the deal.

The first-ever Clinton Scandal
What you need to know: The die-hard politicos out there remember Bill Clinton's first political campaign was against Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt and was so unknown as a law professor at the University of Arkansas, that The Southwest Times referred to him as an "area man." Related to this campaign was the first Clinton scandal, which is laughably trivial compared to the scandals that plague the family now.
Tribeca says: Spoiler alert - Clinton loses this one.

Amy Poehler's First Pilot
What you need to know: In honor of Parks and Recreation airing its final episode a couple of nights ago, Amy Poehler's first improv company discovered an old pilot filmed 20 years ago. The show is called RVTV and tackles the trickiest 1995 issues - the internet and recreation vehicles.
Tribeca says: We would've watched this show. We would watch it now!

The War Films of Shirley Yamaguchi and Setsuko Hara
What you need to know: A retrospective from the Japan Society looks back at the vibrant body of work from these classic Japanese actresses. Including Ozu favorite Late Spring and a few great Kurosawa films, this series should not to be missed by any film buff.
Tribeca says: Students, make use of a special discount.


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