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7 Things Not to Miss at StoryScapes

Believe us. You've got to see it to believe it. And there's still one more day left to do just that. Here's what everyone's saying, tweeting, and loving about the genre-bending, sense-dazzling exhibit and lounge sponsored by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin.

Karen may be artificially intelligent, but she's got a cute place.
Stepping up to the Karen: Blast Theory podium and tuning out the crowd to touch-tap-select about your relationship issues for all the room to see is much more pleasant when you're peeking over Karen's shoulder into her airy, exposed brick, West Village-y flat. (We're assuming that an A.I. therapist makes bank. Which only makes her real, life-prying advice feel that much more credible.)

DIY G&T's are really f-u-n.
There are plenty of weekends left to hit a brunch spot or Bloody Mary bar and proceed not to learn a damn thing. Grab a glass, garnish your heart out, and have a few sips of liquid courage before diving into a session with Karen or into someone else's body in The Machine to Be Another.

Do Not Track is better than a psychic...and just as scary.
There's nothing creepy-cooler than hearing mundane facts that only you know about yourself repeated back to you as if they're publicly discoverable knowledge. Guess what? They totally are: as in, where you most frequently grocery shop, what you spent your last paycheck on, and everything in between. Brett Gaylor's iPad-based exhibit puts it all out there. (Sorry-slash-you're-welcome.)

A photo is worth a thousand words. A virtual reality experience can leave you speechless.
The Enemy creator Karim Ben Helifa spent years as a Middle East war photographer, then spent a few more dedicated to "re-humanizing" the narratives playing out on both sides. Sound powerful? It's nothing compared to how it feels to be in it.

Inhabiting someone else's body is a total trip.
BeAnotherLab's The Machine to Be Another's headsets literally let you step into another human's body, parts and all. Imagine swapping eyes, hands, and even emotions -- with a fascinating person you've never met before today. Actually -- just check out the exhibit.

It's super meta in there.
From self-referential artwork in the 5th-floor exhibit to a 6th-floor lounge decorated with faux windows "leading" to gorgeous digital photo landscapes from around the globe, nearly every experience is couched within another one...within another one.

Temporarily losing a sense is terrifying. And empowering. And every emotion in between.
"Follow this rope" is the only rule for getting through Door Into the Dark. Accomplishing the task takes a boatload of vulnerability, confidence, and empathy.


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