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ShayCarl and Danny Devito Star in ‘7 Minutes to Save the World’ from Picture Show

Directed by Sam Macaroni and featuring YouTube’s ShayCarl, Shiri Appleby and the voice of Danny DeVito, ‘7 Minutes to Save the World’ is the second original film from Picture Show.

Picture Show, the YouTube channel born out of the collaboration between Tribeca and the famed Maker Studios, is back with an all-new original film. Directed by Maker Studios auteur Sam Macaroni, 7 Minutes to Save the World is a throwback to classic action genre films—think Die Hard with just a dash of Predator.

YouTube deity ShayCarl is our hero, John Smith, who, while out to dinner with the beautiful veterinarian Caroline (Shiri Appleby, Girls), gets a call from his boss, the mysterious General Decker (Macaroni). Smith must abandon his date to take on a new mission: save the world from a crazed animal rights activist, Righteous Whale (voiced by Danny Devito), who has a giant laser that could destroy the planet. Disguised as a chicken and armed with a machine gun and some clever one-liners, Smith has only 7 minutes to defeat Righteous Whale and his crew and return to his date.

If the blockbusters of the summer are letting you down, enjoy this bite-sized action gem from the team at Picture Show. Check out the behind-the-scenes video to learn more about the film.


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