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7 Biopics to Stream This Weekend

With this weekend's release of Jean-Marc Vallé's 'Wild,' here are 7 biopics currently available to stream.

Based on Cheryl Strayed's travel memoir, Wild stars Reese Witherspoon as the soul-searching recovering addict who embarks on a 1,000 mile hike along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. With a crumbling marriage, a low-wage job, and the pressing weight of unprocessed grief, Reese as Cheryl finds peace and self-acceptance through this introspective journey.

The film picks up on Strayed's expedition in the mode of a biopic, expanding her personal story that follows her through the journey and the events that precipitate it. In the same vein as this biographical movie, here are seven other biopics currently available to stream.

Directed by Michael Cristofer
Watch on Amazon Prime

Angelina Jolie plays the trainwreck supermodel Gia Carangi whose steep trajectory to fame destabilized her life, career, and mental well-being. This HBO biopic reveals finds its parallels in Wild as Carangi turns to drugs to cope with the death of a loved one and then sees her life spiral out of control. 

Directed by Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein
Watch on Netflix

This biopic chronicles the life of the 70s porn star Linda Lovelace as told in her autobiography, Ordeal. Contrary to the seemingly glamorous public life she led with husband Chuck Traynor, Ordeal describes the brutal working conditions under which these high-grossing movies were produced.  Amanda Seyfried plays the star in Lovelace, which unveils the darkest side of the industry, detailing coercion out of fear and violence.

Directed by Joshua Michael Stern
Watch on Netflix

This biopic chronicles the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs from his youth as an off-the-books student at Reed College, through his brief experimentation with LSD and meeting his future business partners. Jobs's creative genius is obvious early on and performed well by doppleganger Ashton Kutcher. 

My Week With Marilyn
Directed by Simon Curtis
Watch on Netflix

Primarily the story of Colin Clark, the young production assistant who worked on  Sir Laurence Olivier's The Prince and the Showgirl, this film ventures to personalize Monroe's enigmatic public persona. Michelle Williams as Marilyn is soft-spoken, sensitive, lonely and innocuous in a way that demands your sympathies. 

Directed by Alan Parker
Watch on Netflix

Adapted from the musical about the life of Argentine First Lady Eva Perón, Evita stars Madonna during her brief acting career in the late 90s. The musical tracks her rise from a childhood in a working class community to the sudden wealth brought on by her marriage to Juan Perón, to the diplomatic tour emblematic of the polarized global opinion towards her. 

Directed by Gilles Bourdos
Watch on Netflix

Renoir catches up with impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his son, filmmaker Jean Renoir late in 74-year-old Pierre-Auguste's life, with both his heath and career in decline. His son returns to convalesce from wounds sustained in The Great War, and the young, beautiful Andree enters their life, eventually becoming Pierre-Augustus' last muse and Jean's first leading actress. 

Black Butterflies
Directed by Paula van der Oest
Watch on Amazon Prime

A story from the era of South African apartheid, Black Butterflies tells the story of poet Ingrid Jonker, popularly hailed as Cape Town's Sylvia Plath. Jonker competes for the approval of her father and struggles to manage her unstable love life while trying make sense turbulent violence in Cape Town - all components that largely informed her work.


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