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6 Narrative Films About Music at TFF2014

This year's documentaries aren't the only TFF 2014 films grooving to the music. Check out these narrative films about music.

One of the common denominators in the TFF 2014 Film Slate is music. Check out the star-studded casts and award-winning directors gracing our lineup this year. (To check screening times and add a film to your Wish List, just follow the link to the film's page.)

Below Dreams

First-time female director Garret Bradley blends fiction and a hypontic soundtrack with docuentary-style footage, showing the struggle of three families hoping to start anew in New Orleans.


An homage to Slovic filmmaking auteur Karpo Godina - even incorporating his original 8mm footage from his 1960's films - Karpotrotter blends archival film, landscape imagery, and folk music.

Lucky Them 

Toni Collette plays a washed up music critic who must delve into her painful past for one last shot to revive her career. Thomas Haden Church plays an amateur documentarian who accompanies her back into the thriving Seattle indie rock scene.


University students Sombra and Santos spend their days fawning over the girl from a pirate radio station, until the appearance of Sombras' younger brother leads to a cross-country trip in search of a famed folk-rock star.


The story of the lead singer of a punk rock band in Tangier, Morocco who is destined to break the traditional life barriers set before her. 


Music Narratives on RUSH:

Begin Again

The soulful comedy Begin Again, starring Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and directed by John Carney of Once fame, will close out TFF 2014.

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