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5 Most Exciting Things About The New 'Big Eyes' TrailerVideo description

5 Most Exciting Things About The New 'Big Eyes' Trailer

'Big Eyes' could be another cinematic triumphant from Tim Burton.

Tim Burton is back from his brief hiatus with a movie about Margaret and Walter Keane, a married couple who rose to prominence in the 50s with a series of portraits featuring children with oversized eyes. Walter Keane used his marketing expertise to mass produce the images and boost sales across the nation, taking credit for painting the portraits even though it was his wife who produced every single piece. Hinting at the work from award-winners like Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz and Bruno Delbonnel, this trailer has us very excited for Big Eyes. Here are our top 5 favorite things about the trailer:

1) Amy Adams. This movie is swimming in award-season buzz, due in part to headlining actress Amy Adams. The actress has seen five Oscar nominations so far, two just in the past year. Based on her performance as the taciturn Margaret Keane (as seen in the trailer)  it looks like she's headed for more. 

2) Bruno Delbonnel. The visuals in this trailer are truly remarkable, a project helmed by French cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel. Burton and Delbonnel have collaborated before on Burton's most recent  work, a feature adaptation of the '60s TV show Dark Shadows.

3) Christoph Waltz. His work has been sparse since 2012's Django Unchained, but Christoph Waltz's performance as the overbearing, controlling Walter Keane is so apt, it seems to be written for him. If Waltz's sinister charisma transfers so readily from a 3 minute trailer, we can't wait to see what he delivers in the feature.

4) Tim Burton Returns. Big Eyes is Burton's first movie since Dark Shadows, which opened to lackluster reviews in 2012. Burton's most hopeful fans have been waiting for an impressive follow-up from the accredited director, whose last biopic (Ed Wood) was a smashing success. 

5) Margaret Keane's Artwork. Maybe your personal artistic taste strays from Margaret Keane's signature wide-eyed waif, but you can still appreciate how haunted she seems by her own work. With framed portraits looming over her shoulder and hallucinations of inhumanly oversized eyes in passers-by - it'll certainly be interesting to see how the artwork figures into this biopic. 



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