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Why Don’t The Emmys Recognize Web Series?

The forward-thinking folks at The Boston Globe understand that independent online storytellers deserve to be recognized by a wider audience.

During this year’s Tribeca Film Festival through our Tribeca N.O.W. program, we were proud to honor 12 creators of exemplary online work that highlights this exciting new generation of storytellers. From unique music videos to short docs to innovative web series, online programming only continues to grow more innovative and accessible as time goes on.

Michael Andor Brodeur at The Boston Globe makes an interesting case for the inclusion of webseries at the primetime Emmys. While some online content has been recognized in the interactive program or short form categories, the lack of recognition by the mainstream media is blatant. In response, Michael Andor Brodeur has listed his picks for Best Writing, Actor/Actress and Web Series to go online during the Emmy eligibility period. 

And we’re inclined to agree with him! The creators (and Tribeca N.O.W. honorees) behind Hello Cupid, Be Here Nowish and High Maintenance were mentioned in The Boston Globe piece. So if you didn’t start watching these incredible web series during the Festival, now is the perfect time to start!

Until the exciting world of web series is honored via a larger platform, we’ll always have the Streamys and the Webbys!   


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