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VIDEO: Aaron Sorkin On the Dark Side of Twitter Video description

VIDEO: Aaron Sorkin On the Dark Side of Twitter

"There's always been a battle between art and commerce, and art is getting its ass kicked."

This year, we kicked off Tribeca Innovation Week with a Future of Film conversation with Aaron Sorkin and Jon Favreau. Check out the full recap by Jess Kimball Leslie, and watch the clip above to catch the moment when Sorkin discussed a recent, unsettling news story about a teenager who tweeted a fake bomb threat to American Airlines, acquired thousands of followers in just minutes, and publicly relished in her new Twitter-fueled fame. 

The teen's account has since been suspended from Twitter, but Sorkin's reiteration raises questions about consequences of social media and what role we play as active users by choosing who we follow. 

See what else Sorkin had to say about The Newsroom, binge-watching, and anti-heroes in our full recap by Jess Kimball Leslie and watch him address his toughest critics in another clip from the Future of Film conversation.


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