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With 1.2 million users and climbing, GetGlue, the top social network for entertainment, encourages movie fans to share what they’re watching.

With 1.2 million users and climbing, GetGlue, the top social network for entertainment, encourages movie fans to share what they’re watching and helps filmmakers and distributors create additional buzz around their projects.

GetGlue+appIf you’re far cooler than I am, then you likely have a Foursquare account that is decorated with badges and check-ins at the hottest places. My Foursquare account is embarrassingly boring, but my profile on our site, GetGlue, tells you who I really am: a movie nerd who’s equally excited by the sighs and swoons of Bright Star and the gleeful gore of Drag Me to Hell.

As High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon said, “It’s not what you’re like, it’s what you like,” and GetGlue’s website and apps allow you to check-in and share what you’re watching, reading, and listening to with your friends and connect with fellow fans.

But GetGlue’s value goes beyond just people expressing themselves and what they’re currently obsessed with; it allows the people behind the films another opportunity to market their movie to a socially savvy audience and reward them with stickers, discounts, and more.

For film fans, GetGlue can reward you for seeing a movie on opening weekend and connect you with other users who have done the same. In addition to tapping into what you’re doing now, there’s also a nostalgic element as you rate past favorites. Our site and apps also feature personalized recommendations that have the ability to go beyond the simple "If you like X, you’ll like Y."

Instead, GetGlue uses both computer-generated suggestions as well as the brains of our pop culture-savvy content team to draw on all of your previous likes on the site and the apps to give you personalized suggestions for what’s being released that week and bubble up the film that you’re most likely to like to the top of your suggestions. Instead of just being told that I’ll like Terri because I enjoyed one movie, I’m recommended Terri because I liked Igby Goes Down, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Ghost World, The Royal Tenenbaums, Son of Rambow, and The Kids Are All Right.


For filmmakers, studios, distributors, and festivals, GetGlue provides a unique opportunity to increase your films’ social media footprint. We work with marketing and social media teams to reward people for watching a trailer before a movie opens, going to see a film on its opening weekend, or seeing a number of films playing at a festival.

Fans get excited because they earn digital--and physical--stickers for the movies they love (I’m still proud of my oft-coveted Scott Pilgrim sticker), while companies are seeing their films promoted by their audience.

We currently have 1.2 million users on our service who share what they’re watching with each other, but they’re also sharing their GetGlue check-ins and stickers with their even larger social networks on Twitter and Facebook. Thousand of check-ins to movies, TV shows, and more add up to millions of eyes from Twitter and Facebook.

So how big an impact has GetGlue had?

Our partnership with the Oscars led to @GetGlue being the third most mentioned account (behind @TheAcademy and @jamesfranco) during the event, with one out of every 12 tweets about the awards show coming from us. This type of activity is great for surefire blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but it can be especially helpful to get the word out about smaller films, like my pick for the best film (so far) in 2011, Beginners.

For those on the business side—and box office geeks like me—GetGlue also provides fascinating insights into the connections between buzz, social activity, and box office. As we’ve written about on our blog, there’s a clear correlation between activity on GetGlue and box office performance. We’re also seeing similar correlation between pre-release buzz on GetGlue and domestic returns, helping to indicate what may be a hit--and what could use an extra push.

Whether you’re excited to be the first among your friends to see a movie—or you want to bring your movie to the attention of a larger audience—GetGlue is an exciting way to both connect to your favorite entertainment and your fans.


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