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33 More Twitter Feeds For Doc Filmmakers To Follow

After our popular 15 Twitter Feeds Every Doc Filmmaker Should Follow blog post, we listened as you talked back. Check out some of our readers' Twitter recommendations.

A week ago, Marc Schiller wrote a great post detailing 15 Twitter Feeds Every Documentary Filmmaker Should Follow. People from all over the world tweeted and retweeted the post and several gave us additional suggestions for the list.  We decided to pass them on.

Nancy Schwartzman wrote, “Doc film twitter streams need to encompass not just the films, but the issues those films touch on.” 

She then listed: @thelinecampaign, @thompowers, @fledglingfund, @workingfilms, @chickeneggpics, @kartemquin, @tiffanyshlain, @fancynancynyc, @melsil, @fromthehip, @shootingpeople, @trixiefilms and @cinereach.

Jake Moore suggested @ErrolMorris.

Anonymous thought we should add @ITVSIndies and @IndependentLens.

Telegraph 21 asked if it was OK to add @telegraph21 and described it  “as an innovative curatorial project and video magazine dedicated to documentaries and art videos from around the world.”

Pearl Mina mentioned “the UK's collaborative network of groundbreaking documentary film making innovators & media creatives led by The London Screenwriting Festival/ London Documentary Summit & Guerilla Film Makers Handbook, Chris Jones (@livingspiritpix) and Andrew Zinnes (@crazeepix).”

And she suggested, everyone follow @LondonDocSummit and @PearlMina27 for industry updates, events and all things documentary.

Jean added that another key one for the UK is @the_dfg for the Documentary Filmmakers' Group and Suzanne B mentioned a UK filmmaking/photography magazine @hungryeyemag.

Erica Ginsberg of Docs In Progress (@docsinprogress) wrote that she agreed with Nancy's suggestions and she added @Morriew, @SKilmurry, @aboutdocsguide, @paufder, @economistfilm, @twendywendy and @1basil1.

Rachael commented that, “there are places for an ifmaker to pitch, incubate your film and get it funded. @kickstarter and @juntoboxfilms, a new one that is funding independent films and building a community of collaborative creators.”

And to top it off, Henry Copeland wrote in and gave us a map of the people who follow the twitter feeds Marc listed and how they all interconnect on Twitter: So have fun, and follow them all or just a few.  Let us know what you think!


There are a lot of great resources on Twitter for everyone interested in documentaries.

And to our readers, who suggested them—thank you!


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