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Now Showing on an iPad, Tumblr and Facebook Near You!

We are making strides at the Future of Film blog to make our content more accessible to our readers! Plus, did we mention we got a facelift?

We just launched a great new design from onswipe that gives you our blog the way your iPad intended. (All you need to do is visit the blog on your iPad, and you will be automatically redirected.) Here is what it looks like:




We are also now publishing the Future of Film Blog on Facebook. See which of your friends have already liked us. And if you like what you see, please share with your Facebook friends.


FoF Facebook


And for all you Tumblr bloggers, you can now follow the Future of Film Blog on Tumblr. We will also be publishing shorter posts and videos there for your viewing pleasure.


FoF Tumblr


And on Twitter, check out the hashtag #FutureOfFilm.


FoF Hashtag


We have now published over 100 posts written by a diverse group of 80 contributors, and people are sharing and talking all across the digital universe. We are very fortunate that so many smart people have agreed to let us showcase their work.


No matter how you find us, please let us know what you think, and add to the conversation about something we all passionately care about—the Future of Film.



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