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Large networked society on the brink marquee

On The Brink Of A Networked Society

In just 21 minutes, a new short film views the evolution—past and future—of technology and connectivity, all set to a Malickian score.

There is a new movie making the rounds of the web that we thought we would share with the readers of the Future of Film. It teases out the implications of a fully networked society, reminding us that this is the kind of society that we approach more closely with each passing day.

As Harvard's David Weinberger states, we are now in “a time that is enabling humans to be more of what we are.”


This short movie looks at technology and connectivity as it has evolved and where it continues to evolve, tracing the impacts on all aspects of society. All of this drives the future of film and how it will be shaped next year and every year thereafter. So we must all understand it if we are to help shape that future.


Film lovers will also recognize that this movie’s theme music sounds very similar to the theme music in Terrence Malick’s brilliant movie Days of Heaven. Both movies use Camille Saint-SaënsCarnival of the Animals: VII. Aquarium. In Days of Heaven, the renowned film composer Ennio Morricone wove it into his score.


So take 21 minutes out of your day and watch this informative and provocative movie. Your time will not be wasted.



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