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Discuss: What Will Win the 2010 Heineken Audience Award?

The Heineken Audience Award is in your hands. Which film will it go to this year? Make your predictions now!

The Heineken Audience Award is all about you, Festival-goers, and which movies make you laugh, cry, gasp, and applaud.

Last year's big winner was the crowd-pleaser City Island, which was released in NYC and LA on March 19, thanks to Anchor Bay. The second and third place winners were both documentaries, Racing Dreams and Midgets vs. Mascots. Racing Dreams also took home the Best Documentary Feature Award, sponsored by Bialla & Associates, and DreamWorks is planning to adapt it. Meanwhile, the fourth place winner, Departures, took home the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2009!

Previous winners have leaned heavily towards documentaries, including War Child (2008), We Are Together (2007), Cats of Mirikitani (2006), Street Fight (2005), and Every Mother's Son in 2004. The 2003 award was split between a feature, Together, and the documentary Keeping Time: The Life, Music & Photography of Milt Hinton. (You can download the full list of Tribeca Film Festival winners in PDF form here.)

It's always a mixed bag here at the Tribeca Film Festival, since there are so many different types of films to choose from. Will it be a sports documentary? A drama? A family flick?

Daily current standings will be posted on the Heineken Audience Award landing page. Check out what's hot, consult the film guide, and weigh in below on what you think will be taking home $25,000 from Heineken.

(Note: Actual votes for the Heineken Audience Award are cast at theatrical screenings at TFF in NYC. When you see a movie, don't forget to vote!)


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