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15 Twitter Feeds Every Doc Filmmaker Should Follow

The co-founder & CEO of BOND Strategy and Influence shares his list of the top 15 Twitter feeds for documentary filmmakers.

In many ways, 2011 marks the year that independent documentary filmmakers found their voice on Twitter. In the course of developing social media campaigns for award-winning documentary films such as SennaExit Through the Gift ShopRevenge of the Electric Car and Women, War & Peace, as well as launching the Economist Film ProjectBOND noticed a growing number of approaches in the documentary world towards embracing Twitter.   

On any given day, leading filmmakers are tweeting about their upcoming projects, directors of documentary film festivals are sharing their thoughts about the future of film and passionate filmgoers are directing attention to important new documentaries from all over the world. Below, we’ve curated a list of the Top 15 must-follow Twitter accounts for documentary filmmakers.


Top Documentary Feeds To Follow


The below list of Twitter handles highlight 15 must-follow Twitter feeds. Whether targeting experienced and aspiring filmmakers or documentary aficionados, these feeds will keep followers in-the-know on everything doc-related by showcasing updates ranging from festival updates, educational content, to URLs redirecting to thought-leadership content.




As one of UK’s leading documentary film festivals and founder of the British Independent Film Awards, Raindance’s Twitter feed is a precious source of daily content including tips, updates and links to thought-leadership pieces for documentary aficionados.




POV is a PBS series, showcasing award winning independent film work. As a leading and authoritative voice in the Twitter doc community, POV’s feed provides daily updates on filmmakers to keep an eye on, film festivals and URLSs linking to thought-provoking articles on the state of documentary film and to their insightful blog posts.




When it comes to stay in-the-know on what is next for filmmaking, the Tribeca Film feed is the go to place. On top of being one of the world’s most acclaimed film festival, the Tribeca Film is the ultimate voice for indie and non-fiction films. Their twitter feed captures their thought-leadership by showcasing updates ranging from trends in the filmmaking industry, Tribeca-branded events & speaker series and thought-leadership articles penned by high profile industry players in the likes of Ed Burns or Ted Hope.




Offering a daily selection of curated links on indie and documentary films, this is Filmmaker Magazine’s feed, a quarterly publication published by the IFP. Ranging from updates on film festivals, director interviews and links to insightful columns, @FilmmakerMag is a must-follow account for anyone looking to get an insider’s perspective on the world of documentary filmmaking.




Critically acclaimed filmmaker and producer Morgan Spurlock is an avid Twitter user. As one of America’s most high-profile celebrity in the documentary space, Spurlock tweets on his work, the state of documentary and where his head is at as a filmmaker.




The Twitter feed of the International Documentary Association provides daily updates on their advocacy initiatives, education, filmmaker services, and public programs & events. As a springboard promoting non-fiction work, the IDA feed also curates a series of iuseful links redirecting to articles published in their quarterly magazine, “Documentary.”




Providing up-to-the minute updates on anything indie and doc related, @IndieWire is the go to feed for news and information for the independent film community ranging from film festivals, awards, to filmmaking in broader terms.




@MovieMakerMag is The Twitter account of MovieMaker Magazine and, the leading independent movie publication reporting on the art and business of filmmaking. The feed provides a curated selection of URLs redirecting to content including latest updates, filmmaker interviews, editorial staff POVs, and general film updates.




Emerging from the 90’s American indie wave, New York city based producer Ted Hope has been the ambassador of independent filmmaking for over twenty years. As the indie film spokesperson, Ted published thought-provoking updates on the state of filmmaking and what gets his attention as a producer.




The Documentary Blog is a website created by and for documentary fans and filmmakers. As a quintessential source for news and reviews pertaining specifically to documentary films, their Twitter feed showcases daily updated content on the process of filmmaking.




As BBC’s outlet for filmmaking, @bbc_filmnetwork showcases news on the prolific British documentary scene including news on festivals & events and a selection of curated links redirecting to case studies, behind the scenes and how-to guides for filmmaker




Cameron Bailey is the co-director and long time programmer of the Toronto Film Festival. He tweets about documentaries, indie-related articles that caught his attention and reports on what is on the pipeline for the next TIFF.




@FilmmakerIQ is the feed for the web-based community for filmmakers. Their twitter is an excellent source of knowledge for filmmakers eager to learn more about filmmaking, video production, television, screenwriting, or any aspect of the production process.




As the Twitter arm for the Independent Film Channel, @IFCTv showcases updates pertaining to the world of documentary and indie filmmaking including schedule updates, filmmaker interviews, articles and many more.




Covering topics including, DIY, Digital Distribution, and New Media, @DocMovies provides updates on the state and evolution of filmmaking in the digital age, thus making it a valuable resource for any filmmaker. The feed also publishes news regarding major film events such as festivals and award ceremonies.     


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