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New Trailer: Jane Campion's "Top of the Lake"

The director of "The Piano" and "Bright Star" comes to TV with a miniseries event.

After screening at Sundance and picking up a good bit of momentum there, Jane Campion's six-part Top of the Lake is set to debut on Sundance Channel on March 18th. A decidedly cinematic TV venture, it features the re-teaming of Campion with her Oscar-winning Piano co-star Holly HunterMad Men's Elizabeth Moss stars as a New Zealand detective tasked with finding a missing 12-year old girl. Complicating matters, the girl is a) the daughter of a local crime lord and b) pregnant.

A few things to note from the trailer:

Holly Hunter asking "How are your knees? You will go down hard." I'm already kind of riveted by this character. She's been described in reviews as an androgynous guru/oracle type, in charge of a fringe commune of women who become integral to the case. It's the most exciting she's looked onscreen since Thirteen at least.

Peter Mullan, who you remember from basically every movie that's ever taken place in the UK (War Horse, Tyrannosaur, Red Riding, Boy A, Session 9, The Magdalene Sisters) shows up as the aforementioned local crime lord.

David Wehnam, from Australia and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King also appears, looking rather foxy, though his role isn't really specified by what we see.

Campion's on a roll lately, or she would be if more people had seen and appreciated Bright Star like they should have. She's the most exciting talent to come to television in a while, and we're only a few weeks away.

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