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Watch: The (Literal) Future of FilmVideo description

Watch: The (Literal) Future of Film

In this candid discussion about the (literal) future of film, cinematographer Reed Morano (Frozen River, For Ellen) and post production expert Pete Conlin discuss: Can film survive the digital revolution?

Recorded live at Tribeca Cinemas on November 19, Cinematographer Reed Morano (Frozen River, For Ellen, The Magic of Belle Isle) and post production guru Pete Conlin (founder of Sixteen19) engage in a lively debate of their respective mediums, followed by an enthusiastic audience Q&A session.

Over the course of the 45-minute conversation, the two site examples from movies like Skyfall and the upcoming Parental Guidance, while covering a number of subjects in the celluloid vs. digital debate ranging  from visual effects and lighting to the nostalgia factor of shooting on film and more. During the audience Q&A, Morano and Conlon candidly discuss hot button topics like whether or not film schools today favor digital curriculums and the current battle between 48fps and 24fps.


So kick back and enjoy this lively chat between our two passionate Future of Film panelists. Who knows? Maybe one of them just might sway to either side of the film vs. digital debate...

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