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Slideshow: Actors Turned Writers

Why limit an artist’s creativity to just one medium? Inspired by Chris Colfer’s latest book, we take a look at ten actors who have turned to the written word.

With Chris Colfer’s second book, Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, the young actor has established himself as a formidable presence in both the publishing and film/television worlds. His debut novel, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, was written for audiences age 8 & up and tells the story of twins, Alex and Conner, who find themselves transported into a fairytale world through their magical book of stories.

Unable to get the lead character from Struck by Lightning, Carson Phillips, out of his mind, Colfer wrote a series of journal entries (as discussed in the film) recounting Carson's high school senior year—including disappointments and triumphs—as he worked toward his goal of getting into Northwestern and becoming the editor of The New Yorker. Rich, poignant and often laugh-out-loud funny, Colfer’s sophomore novel is a savvy look at high school life told through the eyes of one remarkably unique outcast. Struck by Lightning, Colfer’s screenwriting (and film acting!) debut, will be released on VOD and digitals platforms on December 19th with a theatrical release to follow.

Colfer’s success in both literary and film/television realm got us thinking about our favorite actors turned writers. Names like Steve Martin, Carrie Fisher, and Sam Shepard immediately jump to mind, but there are many talented artists who deserve recognition. In addition to Colfer, here our some of our favorite actors/writers that you may or may not be familiar with…

Did we miss anyone? Share your favorite actors-turned-writers in the comments below.


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