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Character Studies: An Expectant Christina Hendricks

Leading up to the January 11 theatrical release of “Struck By Lightning,” we want to help you get to know your favorite SBL characters a bit better. April Adams (Christina Hendricks) stands out as a woman with a lot on her mind…

Have you ever uprooted your life for someone? Maybe you can relate to April Adams, played by the radiant Christina Hendricks, in Struck By Lightning. Six months pregnant, she moves to the small town of Clover (population: 9,000) to be with her fiance, Neal Phillips (Dermot Mulorney), ready to start the next stage in their relationship. Little does she know what surprises her new life has in store for her.

She gets an inkling when she encounters her soon to be husband’s disheveled ex-wife, Sheryl Phillips (Allison Janney), at the pharmacy. This glimpse into Neal’s chaotic former life and relationship with his estranged son, Carson (Chris Colfer), makes her re-think her future. You soon will be able to see how she fares by watching Struck by Lightning on VOD or digital platforms now or seeing the film in select theaters on January 11. All shall be revealed.

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