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Character Studies: A Goth Ashley Rickards

Leading up to the January 11 theatrical release of “Struck By Lightning,” we want to help you get to know your favorite SBL characters—like Vicki Jordan (played by "Awkward" star Ashley Rickards)—just a little bit better.

Remember those black-garbed Goth kids that skulked around your high school? Well, Vicki Jordan, played brilliantly by Awkward’s Ashley Rickards, epitomizes the type—bored, fed up with her square classmates, and in general rebellion against all forms of authority. Taking pleasure in shocking the establishment with her black duds and startling make-up, Vicki is definitely counting the days until high school is over.

Ever seeking to pad his application to Northwestern (his ticket out of Clover), Carson implores Vicki to join his writing club and insure its diversity. But does he have the dirt to blackmail her? Guess you’ll have to see Struck by Lightning in select theaters on January 11 or rent the film on VOD or digital platforms to find out!

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