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Character Studies: Sarah Hyland is Miss Popularity

Get to know your favorite "Struck by Lightning" characters—like Sarah Hyland’s Claire Matthews—just a bit better. You can rent the film now on digital platforms and VOD.

“There is a reason that you and Precious in the corner over there are the only members of your club, okay? And it’s because everyone hates you.” Was there anything scarier than the icy popular girl who controlled the social hierarchy at your high school? Didn’t think so. Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland takes on such a role in Struck by Lightning, playing Claire Matthews, the head cheerleader who enforces the notion of “cool” at Clover High School. Hyland adeptly manages to add subtle nuances to the character and skillfully avoids being a stereotype, though Claire is plenty scary nevertheless.

Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) takes the bold step of targeting Claire for participation in his writing club, hoping to diversify by adding a popular student to the struggling organization. But getting her to join is another matter altogether. Ever resourceful, Carson resorts to blackmail, threatening to expose Claire’s  dalliances with a certain gym teacher. How will Claire react to Carson’s manipulation? Find out by seeing Struck by Lightning in select theaters on January 11 or by renting the film now on VOD or digital platforms.

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