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Expanding Films Online

Jaman is the first online community to provide full-length feature films via broadband with better-than-DVD quality for viewing on a Mac, PC or any home entertainment system. And through their interactive online community, Jaman recreates the excitement of discovery and passionate discourse that makes the film festival so extraordinary.

International Showcase Films on

After the film's initial screening at the Festival, each will be featured on for 7 consecutive days where fans and critics alike will be able to download and enjoy with state-of-the-art visual fidelity. For film fans, the International Showcase is a fun way to squeeze in one more great film into their Tribeca viewing calendar. Join Jaman—Join the World.
Enjoy these incredible Tribeca Festival films from your personal computer or home entertainment system through Jaman's high-resolution movie download service and film community.

To watch these films:

1. Register for Jaman (when you register here, you'll enter for a chance to win a 42" plasma TV)

2. Download the Jaman Player

3. Films are available for 7 days after their screening date at the Festival. Make note of those dates below and come back to download the film you'd like to see when it becomes available. In the mean time, enjoy other world-class, award-winning films here.
Between Heaven & Earth
Available for download Apr 27 - May 3
In the heart of the Eurasian continent, the ancient center of the world where the Silk Road connected China to Europe, the circus is a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon. This film focuses on two circus artists, whose lifelong friendship is affected by the differing political choices they make under the dictatorship in Uzbekistan. In Russian and Uzbek.
Razzle Dazzle
Available for download Apr 28 - May 4
A frequently returning TFF filmmaker presents the world premiere of his new experimental narrative opus. RAZZLE DAZZLE The Lost World confirms Jacobs' mastery of digital filmmaking in which he treats the image as a painterly canvas, exploring the depths of cubism and abstract expressionism from source material comprising turn-of-the-century stereopticon slides and an early Edison film.
A Guest of Life
Available for download Apr 28 - May 4
In 1819, a Transylvanian traveler set out on foot for Asia, convinced that there he would discover "the original Hungarians." What he found, at the foot of the Himalayas, introduced Tibet's rich culture and the practice of Buddhism to the world at large. A first film by one of Hungary's leading film composers, narrated in English by Susannah York.
The Tree
Available for download May 1 - 7
Returning to his childhood home, filmmaker Gustavo Fontán documents his parents' deliberations over a tree planted the day he was born. Simple questions that pass between them-Is the tree dead? Should we cut it down?-become meditations on history, memory, knowledge and the sensory symphony of daily life.
The Optimists
Available for download May 3 - 9
One of Central Europe's leading filmmakers follows his unforgettable A Midwinter Night's Dream (2005 Tribeca Film Festival) with this new film whose five episodes conjure up a world where people have trouble distinguishing truth from illusions. Each segment reflects the motto of Voltaire's Candide: "Optimism is insisting everything is good, when everything is bad."
The Pelican
Available for download May 5 - 11
Dubbed "the French James Dean" for his roles in films by Claude Chabrol (Le beau Serge, Les cousins) and Howard Hawks (Hatari), Gérard Blain's work as director never surfaced in the U.S. This is his masterpiece, a moving account of parental love and obsession, filmed in a rigorous style that recalls Bresson or Dreyer -- sans religion.


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