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World Premiere of Bat for Lashes Short Film "Creating the Haunted Man"

Continuing our initiative to cultivate artists of all kinds, Tribeca is proud to host the global premiere of the cinematic featurette that chronicles the creation of the latest Bat For Lashes album, “The Haunted Man.”

Tribeca is pleased to host the exclusive premiere of “Creating The Haunted Man,” the new short film by lauded English songstress Natasha Khan (better known as Bat for Lashes). The film is in addition to the new Bat for Lashes album that will be released stateside on October 23 from Capitol Records.

As the short film demonstrates, Bat for Lashes continues to push herself as an artist. The singer willingly shares her creative process through thoughtful narration interlaced with tracks from the new album.

Set on the English coast that provided inspiration, she describes her growing maturity and creative process as “gradually stripping back the layers, editing and editing until something feels like it fits.”

The ethereal photography of the surroundings compliment rare insights into the artist’s choices and intentions as she assembles her latest album. Bat for Lashes' musings about the nature of her unique and soulful sound mixed with the visual and audio experience show her experimentation with new creative outlets.


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