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Slideshow: Americans Abroad in Film, Featuring Jane Fonda in "All Together"

Jane Fonda’s first French-language film since Godard’s “Tout Va Bien” is now on VOD and in theaters Friday. To put her work into perspective, we highlight other American actors who have put aside their native tongue and acquitted themselves well in foreign-language features.

Oscar-winner and all around Hollywood icon Jane Fonda returns to French cinema for the first time in almost 40 years with All Together, the new film by acclaimed director Stéphane Robelin. (All Together is now available on VOD, and opens in theaters in select cities this week.)

Fonda plays Jeanne, a retired university lecturer, who is happily married to Albert (Pierre Richard), but has come to the realization that her husband is becoming increasingly senile. When she falls ill, she fears for the dependent Albert and turns to her group of friends (which includes another American, Geraldine Chaplin, who is fluent in French and Spanish). With others in the group facing health issues as well, they decide to move en masse into a shared home, complete with a young caretaker. In those close quarters, the friends reveal secrets that threaten the viability of their small protective circle.

All Together allows American audiences another opportunity to marvel at the star’s fluency in French that Fonda’s work with her eventual husband—Roger Vadim—displayed in the 1960s. From La Ronde (Circle of Love) in 1964 to La Curée (1966) and Spirits of the Dead (1968), Fonda sparkled under Vadim’s direction. Fonda’s last French film was Jean-Luc Godard’s Tout va bien (1972), which explored one couple’s experiences with love and revolution in Paris.

In celebration of the marvelous linguistic skills that Fonda has displayed in these French features, we recognize other American actors who, due to their flair for languages, have fared very well in foreign-language films.

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