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Super Shorts: Teacher of the Year

Have you seen the hilarious “Teacher of the Year,” featuring funny lady Rachel Dratch? We’re kicking off the return of our Super Shorts feature with this favorite from TFF 2012! (Kudos to Funny or Die for picking this up.)

In this confusing world of burgeoning video content, let us curate some of it for you. Each week, we will recommend a smart, funny, quirky, delightful (and free!) short film for your viewing pleasure. So pull out your brown bag lunch, don your headphones, and let us be your guide to intriguing short films on the Web that will provide the perfect workday getaway. If you are in the mood for a black comedy, our first recommendation is right up your alley.


Teacher of the Year, one of our favorite funny shorts from TFF 2012, is now available online, thanks to Funny or Die. Part of our Character Flaws program, Teacher of the Year stars Gil Zabarsky, Kathleen Littlefield and SNL alum Rachel Dratch.

Zabarasky plays Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher whose obsession with his wife’s recent infidelity has consumed his lesson plans, much to the shock and awe of his young class. Chris Modoono skillfully directs this nimble and erudite comedy. Happy viewing!

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