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Super Shorts: The Living Want Me Dead

When strolling around the city, one cannot escape the onslaught of Christmas decorations that dominate store windows and displays. For a twisted slice of that Yuletide spirit, check out this week’s Super Short: “The Living Want Me Dead.”

“Right now—All I want from Christmas is to live.” Howard Phillips (a winning Adam Conger) is having a tough morning in The Living Want Me Dead. After submitting himself as a subject at a medical testing facility to earn some quick holiday cash, he finds that everyone he encounters after the experiment behaves strangely towards him. Strange in the sense that they fly into a rage, begin to foam at the mouth, and have an irrepressible urge to kill... him! Forced to defend himself against the bloodthirsty hordes, Howard embarks on a quest to find shelter.

Against the backdrop of a neighborhood full of cheery Christmas decorations, Howard seeks refuge at the home of his stoner friend Teddy (Tony Nunes, hilarious) but gets more than he bargains for. From the safety of Teddy’s backyard, Howard recounts his blood-drenched tale as Teddy tries to organize his addled brain enough to comprehend what he is hearing.

This pitch-black short has earned comparisons to Shaun of the Dead on the Festival circuit, and rightfully so. Give yourself a hilarious, bloody treat at the start of this yuletide season with this expertly written and directed film from Bill Palmer. Make sure to watch with your headphones on because some of the language is NSFW!

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