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The New Generation of Polish Filmmakers at Tribeca Film Center

Running from November 15 to 17, new films from the next wave of Polish filmmakers will be featured at Tribeca Film Center this weekend. This event is free to the public. Na zdrowie!

Enjoy recently released international films from Poland at Tribeca Film Center this coming weekend. The Polish Filmmakers Association, along with its partner Munk Studios, has planned an event that will bring the best films from a new generation of Polish filmmakers to New York audiences. Offerings include a diverse selection of fifteen shorts, two full-length features and one special screening. Did we mention that the event is completely free?

The event kicks off with Women’s Day, the first feature from director Marida Sadowska. The film recently garnered much attention at the Cottbus Festival of Eastern European Film in Germany, where it received the Best Picture award, along with a prize of $25,000! It seems fitting that New York Women in Film and Television is also a proud sponsor of the weekend, since, in addition to Women’s Day, many other works by Polish women filmmakers are in the lineup.

Get to know this eclectic group of young Polish Filmmakers this weekend at Tribeca Film Center. The full festival line-up and free ticket/registration information are online, so start planning your weekend now!




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