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"18 Days in Egypt" To Be Featured at 2012 Margaret Mead Film Festival

Catch one of the Tribeca Film Institute’s New Media Fund grantees at this year’s Margaret Mead Film Festival, the preeminent showcase for contemporary cultural storytelling.

Later this month, the 2012 Margaret Mead Film Festival kicks off uptown at the American Museum of Natural History. From November 29 through December 2, the MMFF will screen 29 outstanding films and host special multi-media events and performances that represent diverse and challenging cultural and social issues.

This year, Tribeca is proud to co-present a project at the Margaret Mead Film Festival. Supported by a grant from the TFI New Media Fund18 Days in Egypt is an interactive transmedia project featured in the 2012 Mead Dialogue series, and filmmakers Jigar Mehta and Yasmin Elayat will be in attendance for what is sure to be an illuminating discussion.

18 Days in Egypt

18 Days in Egypt
Jigar Mehta and Yasmin Elayat
2011 | 60 mins | Egypt, USA
Saturday, December 1
7:00 pm

18 Days in Egypt is an interactive documentary project that tells the story of the revolution, using the personal media created by Egyptians in the crucible of the revolution. Expanding the notion of what a documentary can achieve and how it can be made, the project was created to empower Egyptians to tell this story themselves, with footage, photos, e-mails, texts, even Tweets and Facebook status updates, all created during the ongoing revolution. 

Thousands of media fragments on cell phones, cameras, and hard drives around Egypt remain. If they aren’t collected soon, they will vaporize and these unique stories will disappear. The 18 Days in Egypt team, based in Cairo and Silicon Valley, is engaged in an all-out effort to retrieve the stories and fragments, which are then catalogued and combined into specific narratives and form the heart of an interactive website where they can be viewed and shared.

Mead audiences will have multiple opportunities to experience 18 Days in Egypt in both its original form and in a guided viewing experience with the project team.

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Jigar Mehta presented 18 Days of Egypt this April in a Future of Film talk at the Tribeca Film Festival:


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