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Super Shorts: Doggy Bags

In honor of the VOD release of 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas'; we are proud to feature writer/director Edward Burns’s hilarious gem from TFF 2012, 'Doggy Bags' as this week's Super Short.

“Do me a favor? Next time you and Polite Guy are together—get the pigs in a blanket to go!” The latest film from Tribeca triple-threat Edward Burns, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, is now on VOD and digital platforms, so why not double your viewing pleasure with Doggy Bags, the writer/director’s funny short from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Made in partnership with American Express and based on cardholder Susan Brennan’s idea from the company’s My Movie Pitch contest, Doggy Bags is a delightfully layered comedy featuring Burns’s signature style and a few familiar faces.

Justin (Matt Bush, Nice Guy Johnny) and Hannah (Daniella Pineda, Newlyweds) are newly dating and decide to meet at one of New Jersey’s delicious brunch places. Justin is smitten, but there is just one thing he can’t figure out: the petite Hannah orders enough food for 3 people whenever they go out for a meal together, so that she can have leftovers for her “dog.” Broke and living at home, Justin, though entranced by Hannah’s breezy charm and wit, knows that a pooch routinely devouring food meant for humans is unlikely.

Waiting at a bus stop after a particularly hearty brunch, Justin happens upon Hannah in a truck with a strange man arguing over her doggy bags. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Justin confronts Hannah and the stranger with surprising results.

Doggy Bags also features Mike McGlone (The Brothers McMullen) and Marsha Dietlein Bennett (Newlyweds) and is sure to whet your appetite for Burns’ latest indie feature, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, which premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Happy watching!

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